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Hi this is Erin writting about my friend Michelle:)
We are in our 1st eriod sci-fi class right now and wanted to let you guys know that Michelle is the coolest kid E V E R!!!!!!!!! so yea, anyways.....all we do in this class is mess around and not do our work because it is such a wash. She tells us all about you guys and talks hella shit, haha just kidding, just good stuff. We are going to miss this crazy girl when she leaves us so take good care of her. kay latazzzzz

HEJ this is her friend Sami!
So basically i have spent soo much time with michelle this year, and we have three out of six classes together (a rare occurance) and i have come to really LOVE HER BUNCHES! her smile and laugh cracks me up everyday, and i am always sooo excited to go to school on wednesday when i spend the whoooole day with her ;) She has said soo many great things about Sweden, and I hope to one day come visit everyone after i save up some money...I guess I can visit Michelle too :P You all are sooo lucky to have Michelle in your life and I will be soo sad when she leaves us! boooo. As far as I can tell she is having a great time here, and she is always welcome to my house. Just last week she came over and we took the bus to see BABBIESSS....the movie. haha it was so cute, i reccomend it! But yeaaah we are really bored and in class right now, in Sci Fi. woooot. We dont do anything in this class but cause trouble, especially MICHELLE! kidding though, she has done really well in this class despite English being her third language...she gets the same grades as me on a lot of stuff hahaha oh well. But shes a great kid and WE ALL LOVE HER SOO MUCH, especially her sci fi class <3

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Sooooon we´ll be visiting You... and we do hope the bigger vulcano on Island won´t get active and stop us from comming.

It will be fun meeting you all... looking forward.

Take care!!

See You soon... ( you too Michelle hehe)



2010-05-28 @ 21:27:06

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