Life With Michelle...

The first thing that Michelle ever said to me, after I met her, was, "It is so hard to be funny in another language." I don't think that statement has been more false after spending the amount of time I have with her. The fact that Michelle knows how to speak more than one language never stops amazing me, especially because she probably knows more english than I do. I don't know anyone who doesn't immediately like Michelle after meeting her, she is truly an incredible person. She has definitely got my parents fooled because just the other day I was at dinner with my parents and one of our close friends and instead of bragging about my achievments to our friends, my parents could not stop talking about how bright and intelligent Michelle is. I think it was when I said, "Oh hey mom, what about me?" that stopped my parents from talking about Michelle for the rest of the evening.

Michelle has probably made more friends at our high school than I did when I first got to high school my freshman year, I dont know, I think its just because of her accent though (just kidding). Michelle and I have definitely had some pretty funny moments and some strange things have definitely happend to us, but if its not with Michelle than it would most likely be with our other two friends, Audrey and Sami. I never know what I am going to get with Michelle, so I look forward to everyday that I get to spend with her.

But, most of you already know all of this. I think that only reason Michelle actually wanted me to write on her blog is so she could look really really good in front of her friends and family.

This summer I am coming to Sweden to visit Michelle and her family. I look forward to it everyday. I am definitely excited to meet all of Michelle's friends and family becasue she never stops talking about them. I can tell she misses home a lot, but she is having a lot of fun here.

I am excited to meeting all of you!


Postat av: Anonym

This is really amasing, getting a friend to write in your blog!! Smart Michelle we already love Natalie and like to meet her this summer!! Take

care of my loveing grandchild! Love you both deeply <3

2010-02-26 @ 00:09:10
Postat av: Anonym

Hi Natalie.... and Michelle

It´s alway fun reading Micheles blogg. I enjoy your writing Natalie and of course Michelle wants to look good in front off us haha.

So she fooles Your parents, well she never fools us... or does she (smiles)

You are very welcome to visit us, it will be so nice meeting You. Michelle has been talking much about her friends and i think she likes You all a lot.

We will see to it that snow will be gone when you arrive...

Take care and "Tot ziens"


2010-02-26 @ 08:12:01
Postat av: bjär

I agree with both Natalie and Michelles grandmother, Looking forward to meet you this summer!

saknar dig michmach!

2010-02-26 @ 11:35:10
Postat av: sägs

I just have to say that you can't expect us to talk like michelle, because we REALLY don't!!! But I'm sure that it's going to be fun :D

2010-02-28 @ 14:39:29
Postat av: caroline

Åh jag blir så glad när jag läser det för jag vet att du har det bra. Oerhört kul att du träffat natalie för ni verkar trivas så bra ihop (självklart dina andra vänner med) men det verkar vara speciellt!

And Nathalie, as sabina said, we are not as good as michelle but I really look forward to meet you! take care of eachother :)

2010-03-01 @ 17:39:40
Postat av: Natalie

Haha you guys dont have to speak to me in perfect english, hopefully i will know a little swedish too. But, we will understand each other im not worried. And this summer is going to be awesome.

2010-03-02 @ 03:46:52
Postat av: bjär

how long are you staying? :)

2010-03-02 @ 09:24:56

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